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Current technology allows LIVE training through video tools like FaceTime/Zoom. These services cost $0 to download and enable athletes across the globe to experience world class training at home and outdoors. 

TrainHeroic App Based Training

FD Esia uses TrainHeroic, an app based program that allows us to create CUSTOM workouts that are then delivered to each athlete at the touch of a button. Click here for a quick demo of how it works: TrainHeroic

FDE Pitching University

FD University provides athletes, parents, AND coaches the ability to  access a library of drills (over 120+), LIVE and ON DEMAND clinics, seminars, and min-courses directly related to softball pitchers

Video/Movement Analysis
*Pitching, Speed, Functional Movement*

Using slo-motion video we can assess and analyze athlete's muscular and functional deficiencies. Strength and conditioning are a piece of the puzzle, but many feel their athlete struggles to translate power and strength to the field. Video analysis allows us to pinpoint areas of weakness and poor range of motion to create a plan of attack so your athlete is using their body to its full potential.

Consulting Services

Consulting services allow for video, conference, LIVE online demo/presentations for coaches, teams, organizations, and facilities. This service acts as teaching tool for clients to level up their understanding of movement, get valuable feedback on their own athletes, and have speed, strength, and corrective exercise programs tailor made for their athletes movement.

Current/Past Clients:
Tincher Pitching Systems

Paisley's Pitching 


Affiliate Program

Facilities, organizations, and teams can choose to be official FootDoctor Esia affiliates. This partnership allows for access to exclusive educational and training content for all facility, organization, or team members, coaches, and trainers. Special affiliate only seminars are conducted as part of monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans to provide world class systems and learning to take your athletes, coaches, and business to the next level. 

Training Areas

FootDoctor Esia specializes in athelete performance and human health. From recovery and rehab to sports and fitness training, this is your one stop shop.

​⚡️Sport Specific



⚡️Injury Treatment


Human Movement and Athletic Performance

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