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Esia Rivera "FootDoctor Esia"

Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Consultant


M.S. Exercise Science

M.S. Rehabilitative Sciences

B.S. Sports Management

NASM PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist)

NASM CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist)

NASE Level 2 Speed Coach


Notable Work:

UCLA Softball

Texas A&M Softball

Oklahoma Softball

Tennessee Softball

Missouri Softball

Florida Softball

Tincher Pitching

Paisley's Pitching

Philadelphia 76er


Hello, I'm Esia Rivera. 

I've spent countless hours studying and training both amateur and professional athletes as a performance coach. Over the years I've created a training system to match the needs of year round athletes. With focus on education and sport specific skill acquisition, my method of training has allowed athletes to see results in limited sessions (2-4/month). We are not a high volume "reps" program, and all athletes are treated and trained at a world class level. If you are willing to commit to world class effort, there isn't a better place to be. 

As a consultant, I work with multiple universities, private facilities, and professional organizations allowing them to focus deeper on the specific needs of their skill athletes. 



Interested in training or consulting? Submit the form below. 

Training Areas


FootDoctor Esia specializes in athlete performance and human health. From recovery and rehab to sports and fitness training, this is your one stop shop. Learn more about our training (ZAP Systems™)

​⚡️Sport Specific



⚡️Injury Treatment


Human Movement and Athletic Performance

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