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Tailored Performance and Recovery


Welcome, I am FD Esia. I've spent the last several years working with athletes, Universities, and professional organizations. If you are an elite competitor looking for game changing performance and longevity, this is it. On the field, court, or in the weight room, I can impact your game. 

Trying to get back to sport faster? My unique experience with world class athletes, trainers, and medical staff have allowed me to bridge the gap between rehab and performance like few will ever experience. 

Current and Former Athletes

Passion l Emotional Intelligence l Experience

These 3 keys have allowed me to create a culture of training and insight to recovery for athletes at all levels. From Top 75 All-Time player, World Cup winners, and to youth athletes looking to compete at the highest level of their sport, I offer an unwavering commitment to your individual success and career. I want what is best and what is right for each client. 

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Audrey Lowry - OU Commit Pitcher


Paulo Dybala - Argentina Soccer

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Bella Dimitrijevic - FSU Commit

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Kennedy Miller - Arkansas 


Elite Results for Elite Competitors

Embrace your full potential on the field. Discover a unique approach that enhances your athletic career and can get you back on the field/court fast.

Human Movement and Athletic Performance

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