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ZAP Systems:

S.P.A.R.C. ⚡️™️ uses ZAP Therapy™ and ZAP Performance™.


Z-ero: your initial session begins with a Q&A covering prior and present pain/injury history, lifestyle (how you sleep, sit, stand, move and rest), and specific goals. This allows us to Zero in on the imbalances and movement restrictions holding you from playing at your highest potential. From here, each session after is preceded by a “Quick Zero” discussing your current physical and mental well being. 


A-ctivate: once Zero is done, we immediately focus on the process of priming your body. We combine modalities of manual therapy, muscular activation, and mobility to Activate your system. Your body will feel more explosive and flexible than you ever have before. Most importantly, it’ll come free of pain and movement restriction.


P-lay: Zero and Activate are designed to restore you to a state of “play”. This is where the fun happens. We carefully craft each drill to the demands of your sport(s) and position(s). During Play we work speed, power, agility, reaction, and coordination (SPARC). Each attribute is monitored during every drill/exercise to ensure you’re playing at the highest level possible. For our therapy clients, play means re-pattering your new strength and ROM into daily movements. 

ZAP Performance™ 
If you read how ZAP works, you know it focuses on you specifically. This is not a template program, it is not one size fits all. Your goals and needs are just that, YOURS. So, your sessions should have differences from other individuals. With Z-ero we re able to pinpoint your current structural deficiencies and pair them with your stated goals. This system is about you, not the "program" itself. The system allows us to tailor ZAP Performance sessions to goals in the following areas:
⚡️Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ)
⚡️Sport Position Performance 
⚡️Strength and Conditioning
⚡️Mobility and Stability
ZAP Therapy™ 
When return to play scenarios arise, or you've just had enough when dealing with chronic pain, Z-ero allows us truly pinpoint and understand the root causes of pain or injury. Once diagnosed, A-ctivate incorporates modalities of fascial release, positional isometrics, cupping, and corrective exercise to alleviate pain or get you back on the field in record time. For ZAP Therapy, P-lay is carefully constructed integrated movement programming, building off the new strength and range of motion created by A-ctivate. We want to be as accurate as possible in not just alleviating and treating you to be healthy on a table, but in the movements that pain used to occur. Scenarios we have experience with are:
⚡️Joint Pain and Inflammation (back, knee, etc.)
⚡️Sprains and "Pulls"
⚡️Prevention Programs for Sport (ex: Arm Care)
⚡️Pre/Post Op Rehabilitation

Human Movement and Athletic Performance

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