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S.P.A.R.C. ⚡️™️ for Coaches

- Is your athlete having trouble with arm whip due to lack of ROM in the shoulder complex?

- Are their glutes not engaging within the motion required due to faulty muscle firing?

- Is there hip, knee, back, or other pain preventing them from performing?

- Is one of your most coachable athletes "just not understanding"?

You (coach), are the sniper. In your sessions, you have a specific target (goal/objective) that needs to be accomplished or learned that day. We (spotter), look for all the outside variables that could cause us to miss or delay successful completion of that goal. In order to be succesful, we take great care in establishing a relationship with you and your process/philosophy. We aim to understand your teaching style and language so we can be as relatable as possible when assisting your clients. We care and want to invest in the growth of your athlete and your business. 

We have multiple options including in session, video analysis, online, and direct referral (athlete visits on their time) availability. 


Human Movement and Athletic Performance

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