Pitcher Performance Program


Pitcher Performance Program:

There are 10 different movement assessments along with **3 position angles (pitching). Once received I analyze those videos to get a true picture of how she moves and functions. The program uses these physical assessments to tailor and create a strength and bullpen program suited to your athlete.


Average time devoted to program per week:
Week 1:  7-10 hours
Week 2-6: 5-8 hours

Here’s an example of the program: 


Minimum equipment needs: 

Resistance Bands (various loads)
Slant Board 

Medicine Ball 6lbs
KB or DB (10-20% body weight)

Door Anchor

Links for equipment and additional extra** can be found here: https://www.footdoctoresia.com/store

Summary below:

Step 1: Register at this link PPP Registration | FootDoctor Esia

Step 2
Click this link to gain access to assessments: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14VJTUTPbnolDcORy_yOia-3S2_P8Le4b  

Follow instructions in videos (if athlete is barefoot in video, please be barefoot in video sent)

Step 3: Upload here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/HkAut7zgkkLsoB2FIA0n

Step 4: Send email with these current metrics
1) velocity
2) Home 2 First time **please video (60ft sprint)
3) L/R SL Long Jump Distance *jumping off each leg and landing on both feet

*Additionally, list and send pictures of all equipment available*

Step 5: Discuss logistics, ask additional questions and go over schedule

Step 7: Invoice sent with Venmo, PayPal options.

Step 6: Download TrainHeroic app. This is where program will be built and you’ll have access to customized progression and workouts.

There will continued analysis bi-weekly and sometimes weekly of pitching AND specific exercises from weekly sessions.

*Live Sessions can be added separately ($40/half hour)

Human Movement and Athletic Performance