Pitcher Performance Program

There are 5 different movement assessments along with **3 position angles (pitching). Once received I analyze those videos to get a true picture of how she moves and functions. From there we set up a time to discuss results along with some questions about daily habits, lesson schedule, sleep etc. to understand more about some “life” things that could be causing any dysfunction we see and develop a plan. Here is an example of app training  


Here’s an example of the program: https://www.coachseye.com/t/25cfc4fe188c4d5385ace0875a241b82 


Cost: 6 weeks $275 or $250 (cash)

          12 weeks $475 or $445 (cash)


Recommended equipment: footdoctoresia.com/store 

**equipment need not be exact but has shown best results of program


Summary below:


Step 1: Register (FootdoctorEsia.com/registrationpage) *only if not registered


Step 2: Receive Assessments and follow instructions in videos (if athlete is barefoot in video, please be barefoot in video sent)



Step 3: Upload to https://www.dropbox.com/request/kCJFljNxhf1yyq0fsqdN


Step 4: Send email with these current metrics 

1) velocity

2) Home 2 First time

3) L/R SL Long Jump Distance

    *jump off each leg landing on both feet


Step 5: Schedule Call to discuss logistics, ask additional questions and go over schedule


Step 6: Invoice sent with Venmo, PayPal options. 


Step 7: Download TrainHeroic app. This is where program will be built and you’ll have access to customized progression and workouts. 


There will continued analysis bi-weekly and sometimes weekly of pitching AND specific exercises from weekly sessions. 


*Live Sessions can be added separately ($55/hr)

Human Movement and Athletic Performance

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